• waywithwords 23w

    A Twisted Love Story(Part 3)

    Wedding Night...

    Natasha was beside herself with fear. She had said to Rehaan that she would give herself to him after wedding. She was in a vortex of thoughts when Rehaan came into the room. He sat next to Natasha and lightly brushed his lips with hers. His touch was soft and warm. Natasha almost gave into kiss when she realized what she had been doing and what would come next. She panicked and broke the kiss. Rehaan said,"We are married now."
    "I need more time",blurted Natasha. "I know you are my husband and you have a right to me..my body but please give me some time." Rehaan looked at his watch (which made Natasha squirm) and said,"I am giving you my whole life." Natasha was surprised to hear that. She said,"But the other day you were so eager to"...she couldn't complete the sentence. Rehaan chuckled and said,"You weren't ready to marry me so I scared you into marrying me...well it worked...we are married now." Rehaan gently kissed her forehead and left the room. Natasha kept wondering who the real Rehaan was. "Maybe he was not that bad",she thought to herself.

    The next morning when she got up and went to the kitchen, Rehaan was there making an omelette. When he saw her he smiled and said,"Good Morning my beautiful wife..did you sleep well?" Natasha gave a little smile and mumbled yes. She was hungry and the omelette smelled good. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and took a bite of the omelette. She felt Rehaan staring at her. She asked,"Why are you staring at me like that?" He winked at her and said,"I can't touch but that doesn't mean I can't look."

    Days passed but Rehaan didn't attempt once to touch Natasha that way. She was grateful that he had some moral principles.


    Flying to Karachi...

    They were in a flight going to Karachi. They were to attend the biggest musical awards ceremony there. Rehaan was nominated for the 'Best Singer.' When they reached the venue and entered the hall, there was a huge uproar. Everyone was looking at them or rather Rehaan. He sure was popular. The anchor came running and started asking Rehaan questions. She asked how he happened to look so handsome all the time. Natasha felt uneasy. "Was she jealous..? Noway...she couldn't be",thought she.

    "So here comes the most awaited award of the night. Best Singer! And the award goes to none other than Rehaan Khan.",announced the hostess. There was a huge round of applause. Rehaan got up and pulled Natasha to her feet. He took her in an embrace and kissed her cheeks. Natasha blushed and kissed him back. Rehaan was surprised but didn't say anything. He was so happy. He went on the stage to pick up his award leaving Natasha in a daze. "What had just happened? Did she just kiss him? And that also infront of all these people..! What was wrong with her? Of course she was happy for him...now why was she happy for him? Did she like him? ...Natasha didn't want to think anymore.