• gazania_marine 6w

    Emotions are what make us human right?
    You feel happy when the day is sunny
    But feel sad when the morning coffee is bad,
    You believe the doves are a sign of love
    And you're in fear when the exams are near;
    You get angry when you forget something in a hurry
    And you feel ashamed when you do something so lame,
    You feel disgust when someone breaks your trust
    And surprise when you achieved an unexpected price.

    But what if these emotions get out of their way and control you instead?
    You won't understand why they make you feel a certain way,
    Sometimes laughing out so loud and sometimes crying your heart out,
    Sometimes loving each and every being and sometimes getting angry at some stupid thing;
    Emotions play with your mind and soul
    They entangle their functions
    You just have to cage your heart for a moment
    And redesign your mind,
    You have to align your heart, soul and mind
    Then emotions are going to make you a strong and better person.

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    When emotions drains out too much of your energy, just cage your heart and redesign your mind.