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    Tilted Lights

    Those blinking stars
    Inside my heart,
    Put out with a flame,
    That can burn all my distance
    With souls made of gold
    Teaching me to survive
    And to deny,
    Those garlands of shame
    That you wrap around
    My naked tears of defame.

    I hide behind your wind-shield
    Hoping that invisibility
    Is what scares you,
    Forgetting at times,
    Just like a fool,
    That you can turn water into wine.
    I feel lonely like never,
    Shivering like a flame,
    Hoping to be embraced
    When I feel lost again.

    I hang down my head
    Waiting for someone
    To sever my arms;
    And hopelessly scream
    Into the sun,
    To salvage my blood
    As they spill into my dream.
    These colorless lights
    Parade right into
    My inner battlefield,
    Making the darkest corners glow
    When all I wanted
    Was for my lightest fears to show.

    The stars lie bedimmed,
    In the sky so full of them.
    Painted with arms
    The white remnants ply the floors
    With a cursed memory
    Of warmth.
    The radio playing ten years back
    "When we were young.."
    Our hearts blinking in joy,
    And we lie face to face
    On a couch we never knew.
    The smoke, the noise
    And the mimicking friend,
    I wish that was something
    In life, that I could at least lend.

    It's been a long time
    Since I smiled like that,
    Scampering around the roof,
    Hoping to fall off the edge.
    The world was my world
    And yet I tread some feet
    Some yards that felt like courts
    With a pond full of dreams.

    But today, here I stand
    With red and blue painted on my head,
    And everytime I look up,
    All I see is your burnt face.
    Everything might not have changed
    And that is why
    We still stand
    But I miss those pull on my hair
    And a tug on my dress
    When you ran past
    Like a warm breath of air.

    " Maybe that was something
    I never wanted to share."

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