• midnight_wanderings 31w

    This post is dedicated to my grandfather. Dad, may your soul rest in peace. This is just the starting, for there is no true end.

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    Hopes of the heart flare,
    The search for the golden apple never ceases,
    Try as you might to conquer me,
    There is no way you can.

    You may desire me,
    You may lay in fear of me,
    Embrace me,
    For I will come for you.

    Try to stop me,
    Try to evade me,
    Stop your fruitless labours,
    Because I am Death.

    This is the cycle of life,
    In my arms you’ll find a heaven free of human endeavours,
    True rest and peace,
    Shall only be found in my lair.

    No more anger.
    No more fear.
    No more hurt.
    No more pain.