• vasu_bhoomi 9w

    No, it's not fair, seriously it's not at all. Why are you silent? Why you always keep thinking, what if? What people think?
    Don't submit to circumstances, whatever in your heart, say it. Let this world listen, let this entire cosmos witness the spirit, who lived with who s/he is. Tell your near ones, what they meant in your life, let that person listen your heartbeats whom you think reflection of your, the person who love you, like you or care about you. You are lucky if you are surrounded by these people and most luckiest when you give this aura to those people whom you are important. Go, seek your Passion, those things which fills your soul with salvation, with eternal happiness...
    Live , my dear, don't spend your life.
    Life to the fullest.
    this is the only thing in our hands. Our present, our near ones, person who cares about us.
    Person who loves you....
    © Vasundhara