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    We #never #talked for whole year after i joined school but at the last day of our #academic session he came to talk..
    He came to me when i was #reading my book.
    He:- hay!!! Isha are you free during lunch???
    I asked :- is there something #important?
    He:- yes ,something that #worth #life.
    I asked :- what u want to talk about??
    He:- i will tell u then but are u free??
    I asked:- yes.
    He:- okk then ..meet me in class 201
    I asked:- why There??
    He:- not something #special just come there on time
    I said:-okk . there is #something i also want to talk??
    I said :- i will tell u at 201
    He:- i will wait for u???

    I was so happy he finally came to me and talked but i was also curious about what he want to ask ?
    I was half expecting a proposal but that is something that is not going to happen...
    So i waited for lunch to star...

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    He finally approached me...