• depthofink_joy 10w

    If you missed or doesn't know about
    The Srilankan civil war
    Illegal activities of Srilankan colonizers
    against Tamil aboriginal people and Indian migrants

    I have shown you just one picture

    I wasn't born at that time , I was 15 when they purged
    Us . At the age of fifteen I endured the pain of my nation . Still I'm feeling injury . Still I hear the Chaos and lamentation ..

    There was no justice?

    We are scattered not destroyed

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    "She was crawling.. towards
    Persuasive Red colour .
    She was crawling ...
    Towards that .
    She is near
    Took her hand
    She touched her mother's
    belly and stood up.
    She laughed at her
    SLEEPING mother.
    She discerns
    what she wants.
    She started sucking
    the lactate
    She only felt
    rotten bad smell
    She cried aloud"
    The dead corpse ,
    Skilled she , Doesn't even
    Endorsed her infant's 'Neh'.