• hashtagg_rajat 6w

    The text love

    I wait for that one text from you. You know sometimes it's like having texts every minute, sometimes every hour, and sometimes it takes days for a single text. I have unknowingly developed a habit of opening my cell every time I'm free just to check whether there's a text from you, sometimes I take out time to do that. I've heard people saying you shouldn't reply fast just to avoid hinting the obvious, so I try to do that. I know you don't do this but I keep your text unseen for hours, and for those hours I'm doing nothing but staring at your chat icon. I'm stupid I know. But this all comes just in your case. I've read our chats several times, and whenever I'm doing so, I imagine your voice saying all that, laughing at the emojis, or giving your weird expressions on those confusing emojis. Talking of emojis, I have my own set of favorites, all you use, often. You may not believe it but an emoji is exactly how one of my favorite expression of yours is. I have tried to bring my love to these small chats. You may, ofcourse, never know this because I avoid texting something that may make you suspicious or uncomfortable. But I love when we chat, sometimes for 5 minutes, sometime for an hour together. I love when you appear in my recents. Maybe this is all how I'll always be able to contain my love in. Some day I'll just become a random & ordinary old contact in your list and that's how it will all end.
    Maybe that'll be when I won't be so much addicted to texts any more.