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    “Old man, take a look at my life
    I’m a lot like you.” -Neil Young

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    I met Donald Sterling today...

    I met Donald Sterling today...
    He was an older guy, white hair and silver glasses;
    He sat alone with a couple cups of coffee in a common coffee shop - writing loads of nonsense that only an idiot couldn't appreciate;
    “Fuckin’ thing” he grumbles.
    “Can you please write what I'm typing? Can you please do your fucking job?”
    He sips a cup of coffee and he sings a gleeful tune under his breath.
    “Hm…” He thinks out loud. “Yeah, that sounds nice. He kills them all, hahaha”
    I see myself in his face - a tucked lip and a thoughtful pair of calm, angry eyes.
    He couldn't decide between a soft voice with a tough demeanor,
    Or a rough voice with a charming aftertaste;
    I looked to his face and realized that he was the one from my dreams;
    We dressed the same, we walked the same, we felt the same, we talked the same,
    Like the Marx mirror, he shared my past and knew my story, while I sat clueless and naive - more hopeful now, than I was before I met him;
    He was writing - I was writing,
    But he never saw me as I saw him;
    Envious, I asked him “Where do you come from?”
    Summarized, he said
    "The same place you're going"...
    -Donald Sterling