• sanjay_writes 22w


    Within the passing of our dreams
    our seeds of hope and love.
    In the heart of a lover, fertile but hidden.

    Unmasked, you are a bloom, ripe and fragile
    Lay your head on my chest,
    Close your eyes and you will see you, in me.

    You have the eyes of a moon,
    Sparkling in the shadows that whispers
    Love and hope.....no lie in them but beautiful light.

    Your voice upon my world, sends echoes flowing in me,
    A soft river of a message in understanding us, we...and me.
    For the most beautiful sound I ever heard, your lips calling me.

    As I touch your skin, breath in your softness of your flesh
    I see what beauty you have..overpowering and a delicate tenderness.
    As your eyes close, the wings of the butterfly come to rest..
    Laying there, I see the flower, I see the lady I so love.

    The path of our dreams rest tonight,
    Be they not tired, for love always grows..
    In spirit and in my soul.
    Tonight lay in my arms and dream free as we run in our hearts.
    Lay my dear, tonight like others...live the dream
    Of hope and love..as I live them when you are with me...

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