• john_jackson 6w

    The Brightest Darkness

    I've never been afraid of the dark,
    I've embraced it, but somehow the light-
    is less comforting than pitch black,
    Wrapping my brain up, suffocating it-
    pulsing, pounding, plenty of pondering- shadowed in a grey fog of confusion,
    Don't stare into the sharp glow,
    I turn the lights off.

    Blankets of darkness-
    laid to rest on my eyes,
    Two anvils pin my eyelids shut,
    Truth is light,
    Solace is darkness.

    Turn away from the light-
    drag your battered soul into a cave,
    Fling yourself into a corner,
    Open your eyes! Wake up!
    The suttle waves of sunlight hurt-
    as much as the shrill screams of my-
    alarm clock,
    My brain locks my body into the sea of white,
    No! Stay! Rest, just a little more!
    Open your eyes! Wake up!

    Locked into a contract-
    the light must have signed it for me,
    I faintly remember the ink of adulthood-
    leaking onto the papers, permanently.

    I watch the sunrise,
    I watch the sunset,
    I watch my life fold into the darkness.