• _kalpana_ 9w


    I am a huge fan of her sketches, usually whenever I wasn’t around; she’d sketch something and give it to me. But when I attempt to peep into her work, she’d never show but there was a surety that I was going to own it in the end either way. She has skills but that wasn’t worth showing to those who have no vision into that beautiful paranormal world where she lived with her creativity.
    Sometimes I had to push her away to an extent only to face her angry outburst but she could just tolerate anything. Even when there were holidays she never bothered to phone me except it was about school or homework.
    I remember, when I asked her for her contacts, her looks made me a real culprit. She was completely unsociable and it took even the last bit of patience. She is easy to read but hard to express. She has always pushed me away until I fell into a larger void of more questions and curiosity. Still I kept crawling out little by little and again started to climb the walls that kept us from becoming great friends. She was an intellect being and taught me a few things that no one else could ever make me learn. The fact that amazed me the most was our birthdays on the same day with a year of difference.
    Maybe in the end of the year she finally considered me as her aquaintance.