• myheart_whispers 23w

    Part 1

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    These people are so mean
    More complicated than humans have ever been
    They do various wrong stuffs everyday
    Hurting others in different ways
    Fitting everything and everyone according to their needs
    Disrespecting everything in their reach
    Manipulating the lessons life wants to teach
    Using every person in whatever way they feel like
    Never getting a good vibe
    They find you foolish and irritating
    When you tell them about yourself
    While they love talking about themselves
    They wanna get all their problems solved
    But never accepted calls when you called
    When they'll need,they will talk to you the entire night
    But will always be busy when you need some light
    They'll yell at you when they are hurt
    But they'll just show sympathy and then immediately mirth
    When you tell your heart out they'll find you negative
    And when you'll say this to them,they say you aren't supportive