• martinraj 10w


    The taste of anxiety...
    The reality suppressed...
    The truths are buried
    Deep in her chest
    Still lies 'she'
    Covering the rolling tear
    She aspire too deep
    But with fear
    And thoughts that creep...
    The family is priority
    They are life
    She stays at beehive...
    Conquering her own desires
    To complete the
    Dreams that others see..
    So let's once support
    A little 'her'
    Stay silent and observe
    Whatever she do
    Do we all deserve??
    Start from your sister
    Upto your friend
    Every woman is same
    Just caption are different
    They are same
    Sometimes as your mother
    Sometimes as your sister
    Maybe a friend
    might be your lifeline..
    They go through everything
    Harsh and vague
    But don't ever complain
    So raise your hand
    And take pledge
    You will carry there sledge
    Work, stress and care
    U will devide ...
    All they need is
    Care, you will provide.