• queen_jasmine 10w

    My basic rules
    Delete contact, Delete the chat, Delete the pictures And move on like it never happened
    This was very easy tho
    Untill you
    You Little rebel that didn't obey the rules
    I just couldn't do it
    The pictures had tons of memories, I wasn't ready to forget, nahhh
    The chats contained our goofy talks and funny voice notes, OMG we are hilarious and terrible people
    I just couldn't bring myself to do it, you know
    To do any of those things up there, I couldn't delete your contact,that was worse of all
    I just can not bring myself pretend like it didn't happen and move on just like that
    Because we did
    I don't know how I did it in the past but my shit was failing me this time, over and over
    And maybe that's why I'm still here trying to get over you Again!