• aayush_yash 9w

    She was drunk high on her kiss,
    And so were his lips,
    But he was out of the blues,
    Still his head wasn't dizzy,
    They inched a few breaths closer,
    Close enough to feel the burnt up spaces,
    Light up the air amid,
    Turn off the footlights,
    Not that they had not pictured this day,
    In their heads every night before going to bed,
    Wanted it to be a thing of lifetime,
    Yet wish it could happen,
    Once, Twice and Again,
    She was thus quick to regain her senses,
    So that when he cuddled her in his arms,
    She could let moments and silences count,
    And unfold things in a way she had always,
    Always imagined and give him,
    Chill and Ecstasy through his spines,
    And maybe make way slowly to his soul,
    He was then and always has been,
    Mesmerised to the core,
    By her talks and her eyes,
    Tonight's the time for her moves,
    She was like thin pockets of wind,
    All around and through him,
    Strikingly swift and pleasant,
    And gentle and beautiful,
    She was killing boundaries and he adored it,
    A perfect night exists!
    Let the next morning shower its first light,
    And she will speak a word or two,
    About their millennial love,
    With him, still lying low in the quills,
    Looking right into her sleep deprived eyes!!!
    As she parts her lips again!