• joy28fmk 5w

    I don't know if this classifies as a poem but i was really in an emotional state of pure longing and desire when i wrote this and i feel it deserves to be heard. Feedback would be very helpful

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    Intertwined souls

    Strangers to each other in every way , a force unexplained drawing us closer and closer now we stand only inches apart
    as we gazed at each other both eager to feel each other's touch, as we embrace colliding into a symphony of melodious art.

    And in that first touch as I felt the softness of her skin , the calm rise and fall of her chest , as she savoured the air around her with each breath , I could feel the warmth of her breathing and the energy radiating from her body both affectionate and fulfilling.

    in that moment I felt whole , complete , my search was over
    I had finally found it ,

    but ??

    what was it ?

    looking back For as long as I could remember this yearning has been there
    I have searched far and wide
    I have devoured and destroyed searching for what I still did not know
    never satisfied only to feed this desperate craving this uncontrollable desire more and more each time

    but now as our souls interact in a language unfamiliar to this world
    A language so familiar to the heart but yet so foreign to the mind
    I fought and struggled to understand
    why why !!
    What were they saying
    How were they so connected
    How could they sing a melody so beautifully and devine both knowing each word as if this were not their first encounter
    But how ?
    How can two souls so different
    so broken and lost
    know each other
    inside out
    head to toe
    front to back
    From every scar to every crack

    How could it be ?
    Non of it made sense

    As if sensing my confession
    She tightened her grip pressing tighter against me
    forcing our chest's together
    her heartbeat echoed through me every beat intune with mine and every breath she borrowed from the universe deeper and deeper then the one before
    And slowly she whispered her voice angelic in every way
    as she uttured those words
    Never had I imagined myself
    overpowered by Mere words a simple means of communication.
    But the harder I tried to deny it
    The stronger its grip got on me
    till I was completely devoured rendered a slave to her words.

    Those words were strong firm and through her voice sincer not a hint of doubt could be gathered and each one more true

    I tightened my grip around her
    excepting the truth
    It can never be explained and
    should never be confined to a simple word of description
    it is a force far greater than any in existence and forever it will continue to bring lost souls together bind them as mates only for them to lose each other but always find a way back no matter what.
    Her words still echoe through my mind
    Still clear and vibrant
    I am a slave to her
    And forever it will be
    I realized
    I finally understood
    Her existence is all I am and my existence is all she is

    Her words a whisper an exhalation of these very words

    I am yours and you are mine
    our hearts were made to bind
    Our souls intertwined