• sp_writes 23w

    I was their favourite girl

    With flowers in my eyes
    And butterflies in my hair
    I gleamed and swirled
    I was their favourite girl
    I didn't know i had to
    Cover up or wear some support
    The changes of my body could
    Change an innocent into a beast
    You know how sometimes
    You are under this beautiful bridge
    That's laden with magnificent creepers
    It smells like the most beautiful summer
    It smells as if many heavens collided
    And got together to watch you grow?
    That was my childhood like
    Safe, secure, safe... Safe..safe?
    I sometimes feel guilty
    Yes, guilty because till the age of
    Atleast 19, I had only slight idea
    That I just am scared of people touching me
    That's it.
    I wasn't a favourite girl anymore
    I was the cranky teen
    Misunderstanding her own "loved" ones
    Not letting them hug or kiss
    So many questions flooded my brain
    That the butterflies left my hair
    And my eyes had torn down the petals
    To see clearly
    And I was their favourite girl
    Was I?