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    Letter to My Sister 6; Marriage

    Hi Sis,
    Yesterday I watched Fireproof again.
    I really lost track of the count
    and though I only watched it partly
    and though the performance
    cannot be considered
    of Hollywood caliber,
    I still can't get enough of the movie.

    As I saw Caleb shouting to his wife
    I realized that the sermon series
    about mariage and relations
    by our brother Armand
    and this movie
    have exactly the same storyline;
    The man wants to be respected
    and the woman wants to be loved,
    which indeed confirms
    and confirmed
    what both, me & Valeria,
    had been individually
    searching for independently.

    Then I remembered
    how you played an important role
    in my decision
    to marry the woman
    that God has chosen for me;
    "If you can recognized the children,
    why not also honoring the mother
    through recognition of marriage?"
    While saying that to me
    you walked away,
    leaving me speechless behind and eventually years later
    the seed that you had sown and nurtured
    began to bloom
    and as a result of that,
    next month,
    we will have our 5 year anniversary;
    a marriage
    where you also were the legal witness.

    I never realized
    that the movie had also sown
    within me.
    I believe
    that it also contributed
    to the journey back
    to our Heavenly Father
    in addition
    to your unconditional love and loyalty
    towards me.

    I want to thank you again,
    but most of all,
    I thank our Heavenly Father
    for putting the words in your mouth,
    that led to an act
    aligned with His will.

    I pray that this testimony
    may serve as an inspiration
    for others
    who have not yet made the decision,
    but are considering,
    but especially those
    who never had the thought of marriage.

    I declare that our House of Peace
    will give marriage that prominent place
    as desired by our beloved brother Armand,
    all for the honor and glory
    of our Lord's name.

    I pray abundant blessings
    over your's and brother Andrew's marriage
    and your familiy
    and that you may keep touching lives
    and that God may show you more fruits,
    just like He has shown them
    through me.

    I pray that your marriage will hit gold
    and beyond
    and that it keeps serving
    as an inspiration
    and a living testimony to others.

    This all I pray
    in the name of our King Jesus.

    Your dear "adeh" (little brother),
    11 Sep 2019


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