• theheartiestsoul 31w

    #The way of seeing this world changes, when we are at our home.

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    Barefooted, I ran along with the wind
    Followed the road, accompanied by the moon
    Trees bowed , swings danced
    Some tip top tip top little steps & I reached my home soon
    Years ago, to find myself,
    With a single swept , I just left....the home
    The HOME that I couldn't leave actually.
    My body was with me then but not my soul,
    I was a partial wanderer, not so whole.
    All surrounded by never ending darkness and despair thoughts
    I was scared to death, when I was all alone
    With heart full of remorse I looked up at the sky,
    Eyes full of tears, back then I just wanted to die.
    To find yourself, you lost yourself, the sun whispered smilingly
    The answer lies within you,
    You don't have to be alone...
    So "just go home".
    Today I'm feeling delightful
    The wind which was so scary earlier,
    Now, is embracing me & it's fragrance is full of hopes and hue.
    The world is looking diligent & new.
    Butterflies are murmurings songs with the flowers,
    With all being so happy...
    Now I think, I've just reached my home back.