• indukutty3lifelove 10w


    If you are fat....oh so sad u look like a pumpkin!
    If you are thin....oh so sad u look like a drumstick!
    If you are fair...oh so sad u look so pale!
    If you are black...oh so sad u look so ugly!
    If you are short....oh so sad u look like a minion!
    If you are long...oh so sad u look like a giraffe!

    If you support arrange marriage...oh you are still having a sophisticated mind!
    If you support love marriage....oh you are ignorant of the societal norms!

    If you are rich ...oh you are showing off your money!
    If you are poor ...oh you are so pathetic!
    If you wear traditional clothes...oh still hanging around in the ancient times!
    If you wear modern clothes....oh u r exposing too much #shame #respect our culture.

    Grow up people#
    This is the 21st century#
    The society is not gonna change just like politics!
    It gets dirtier, more stupid and illogical...day by day!

    Only thing that matters is who u are, respect urself, help others, show affection, support and encourage others and stop wasting time back biting and bitching shit about others!

    The society nowadays are like bbc news read out by ciphers! The only thing they know to do well is FIND FAULT IN OTHERS AND JUST COMPLAIN.....NO MATTER GOOD OR BAD!