• winter_moon 4w

    If You Were My Teddy

    If it was you instead of this teddy which I love a lot, what could we have done together . Might be we would sitting together holding each others hand , and our fingers interlocked. Interlocked like the flexible branches of trees as they linger together after wind strom.

    Or it could be like we are laying together watching into each other's eyes smiling back to each other.Without saying a single word.Like watching reflection in still water .Could you feel how peaceful it is?

    Or may be we both just watch the beam of light coming through a small hole from window ,where the dust particles are clearly visible to our naked eyes , where the beam may feel like the glimmer of hope bringing back contentment.

    Or it could be the moment where I burst into tears because sometimes it's so difficulto hold the pain ,which I don't know how to let go. Might be I would have hugged you,as soon as tear drop start rolling down my cheeks as the dew drop falls down with so ease ,from the leaf of the plants in cold mornings,when the droplets reaches the ground,between the grasses it looses it's identity as my tears did,somewhere in your t-shirt.