• all_time_low 24w

    The Fourth Letter

    To Anyone Struggling With A Bully,

    People will talk, and some might even try to normalize bullying. Please, please, remember that you are worth more than everything in the world combined. More. You are loved, you are amazing, you are wanted, and if anyone says otherwise, smile. Smile because you know who you are and where you came from. Smile because you know you are worth it. Tell someone, talk to someone about your bully. If they don't listen, tell someone else. Keep telling. If no one rushes to your aid, scream as loud as you can from the roofs. Get someone to help because you do not deserve this. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are smart. You are worth it. You are everything. Smile, smile and let them know you don't care. Trust me, I know with experience that when someone just tells you to ignore it and smile, you feel hurt that they won't do more but... That's the greatest thing they can do for you because once you start smiling instead of hurting, you understand. You'll be so much happier. You can do it. I love you, I believe in you.