• lavanya_vedula 10w

    Our head girl👮🏻‍♀️

    I remember the first day i met you in class 6, you guys thought that i am the tallest among all the girls😝, but i wore a heel , and i felt really gud chatting with you guys on my first day and i remembered we play show, and i remember ur stupid smile always cheers😁, and i remember how u missed one of our frnd meghana, and how u guys cried for her, and i remember the book i made for her by sticking ur pictures on it, and i remembered the funny fights with srujana and bhavya we all made , those social science exhibitions , those funny looks we make on other kv students, sports day fights, volleyball games, debates, excursions, library week, our morning assembly adjustments, a lot more memories are hidden , a tag named 3 idiots🙈🙉🙊for us in class 8, our favourite teachers and principal , and our badminton court as of it belongs to only 3 we competed with teachers for playing there, missed classes for it, still we are the same none of us have changed even slightly just gained weight😝😂, with a tummy😜, forgot to say same names 😅 for confusing people and staff nxt roll no, still we love playing volley ball , teasing bhavya, and eating food, long lasting takies, and i never forgot ur clg and that chilling night we spent together, and hope these memories in this book of ours become more volumes, happy birthday baree🐃,pandi🐖, lava our head girl🐑👻