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    Though variables beautify equations, they always revolve around some constants. The coordinates you have added with your perspectives has just enhanced the quality of equation of my life.

    if u wish to check the rest of perspectives and "MINE TOO" then click #treasure_in_CB and open the comment box....

    Thank you all for dropping the comments on the previous post, "the credit for WN's repost goes to you people", loads of love and respect to everyone......

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    Love is

    When the sky feels euphoric to the eyes &stars begin to expatiate their tales, every part of you is blithely adored by feeling cherished and contended.

    An illogical combined feeling of fear and bliss in your heart, it's selfish yet unconditional.

    An unstrewn mess of developed understanding, with appropriate amount of compromises and then some faith for the sake of sanity, with trust binding it all in a taut.

    A gyring pool culling to be strayed to depths,
    An omnipotence that lits the essence of life.

    A red rose with thorns and mud, pressed by solitude smouldering the dark.

    Something like the unconditional acceptance of a person. It's a complex simplicity when mixed with reality.

    The ultimate definition of all feelings and emotiins, it's a blend of hurting and healing.
    Love purls the world together.

    The friends who know my darkest secrets but don't judge me on the basis of choices in the past.

    When you feel it's not perfections but the flaws in someone, that makes them flawlessly perfect.
    @the_nomeking, @_twinkletoes_
    @kinmnana @_kiran_

    Love is the essence of life, without it you can still survive, but you aren't actually alive.

    Love is a labelled poison (depends on the dose), but I still drink it, coz it's the only cure too.
    @storm_rider @flow_143
    @keerthu_aux @arrish_7_capricorn

    A state of complete understanding and openness leading to oneness.
    @the_uglyduckling @roaring_lioness

    The sacrifices parents do, just to see a simple smile on the faces if their wards.
    @twinkling_girl @vanshikatandon

    Love is to be able to see yourself as a complete entity without waiting for anyone else to complete the picture.
    @megha21 @different_girl

    Like a paragon of beauty, lasting till eternity
    Unfading yet undeciding.

    Like a flame, which sure gives warmth when needed, but turns us into ashes sometimes.
    @_shweta @mark_joshua

    That scar which we keep on rekindling.

    It's that variable of life's equation, whose coordinates keep variating with that of the time passing by which always beautifies the equation.