• aprovechar_ 6w

    Loved only for my strength was a torment
    Craving to become what you admired, there was isolation
    I locked myself behind a camouflage hiding that which you found revolting
    What shattered me was your need to feel superior
    That destort ego you cradle as 'self' pushed me to be the 'wind beneath your wings'
    My heart became a place where demons raised their young
    There is no light hiding in the darkness of the shadows under my eyes
    The words that calmed you, scared me
    Blind to paths yet trying to see was my mistake
    My shield broke against your savagery
    I resurrected myself from my own chaos
    Now, I am not prepared to be taught
    I would neither commit myself to hell nor heaven
    You will see,
    I will danced with angels and fight with devils
    My beast inside is menacing, growling
    I feed my beast
    I sing him your name
    I sharpen his claws
    I am thunder , I'd lightening
    I say, remind me when he left me
    Remind me, remind me.

    Picture credit: Pinterest

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    You pushed me to be the 'wind beneath your wings'