• muserstudio 23w

    Unpredictable Existence

    There is an invisible wrecking ball,
    swinging around, all over.
    But as it touches, the impact is real.
    You might not know, how close you came.
    But at times you must've seen,
    how its slightest hit,
    would turn all over your events.

    This wrecking ball,
    it doesn't have eyes to see,
    nor can it hear your pleas.
    It doesn't have a heart to feel.
    So beware! Of its deathly blows,
    for once it hits, your life will cease.

    And sure as the sun,
    the blow shall come some day,
    when it is your turn.
    But till its here, be sure to live,
    all that you can.

    Because there is a wrecking ball swinging,
    blinded and heartless.
    Taking human lives on roll,
    till it stops the heart that beats, to exist.