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    After seeing the growing no. Of suicides among students and especially in the recent Jee and Neet exams . This poem was inspired.
    We all face this sometime or the other in our life. The 'thier' can be anyone from teachers, parents, partners. And the expectations can vary from just studies to much more in life.
    Lets take a step back and think.

    Here is the poem written and illustrated by me

    One day

    The burden of dreams, I say is the heaviest.
    Not just mine but theirs.
    And are too laden with hope,
    Pilled up with expectations.
    Beyond my scope...
    Then that love and care and rewards that follow,
    If I move a step closer...

    Beyond my ability...
    Fear laden on top, blended with anxiety,
    Growing exponentially,
    If I ever even think to fail them,

    There beneath I lie,
    Staring at the grey laden sky,
    About to pour.
    Upon these empty dreams,
    That I don't see when my eyes are closed.
    But yet my body stinks with it's odour,
    Of too many dreams - I'm exposed.

    I can only get rid of it,
    If I get straight 'A',
    Or become a hanging 'I'.
    One day.


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    One day