• lanremadiba 10w

    Haiku /Forget/

    It's easy to forget
    the sun exists if you
    never shine nor smile.

    Annotation: What this thought-provoking poem is advising you is to smile – to shine. It's easy to give up on life when life gets enigmatic in its difficulty. It's easy to abandon those things that give you joy if you're unable to see the brighter side of things (or situations). Instead of quitting on yourself, instead of giving up on life, remind yourself to shine. Remind yourself of your beauty and not your imperfections. Remind yourself of your strength and not just your weakness. If you want to rise, then rise. Though it's not easy; hurting isn't any better.
    No matter how long the night, it's a brighter day after that.

    Courtesy of Lanre Madiba

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