• thandekabhembe 6w

    The woman I do not want to be.

    The woman I do not want to be is the woman to blame herself of not being good enough
    because I am good enough
    I am confident I will be good enough for you.

    You will want to divorce me
    you will leave me upon realization you not good enough for me.

    The woman I will be will not accept your small lump-sum payment
    Be content and stay home
    I'll add that to mine and purchase Alexander McQueen red bottom heels
    Baby we'll stay home during the weekend.

    Husband there is no such thing as a new bride there will be no new bride after me
    What is a new bride?
    What will a new bride bring to the table of a man who has already been served?

    Sweetheart she will not be new
    I will give you the first taste of marriage life and pray it's the taste you'll crave for eternity

    As wife I will buy china for our home
    What will new bride do?
    Set the table with china I selected.

    She will nestle close to you on the suede couch I chose?

    Darling we still have to choose and sign for our first car
    As wife I'll be the first one to drive us in it home safely to our kids

    Tell me what will be the new bride's duty?
    Sit beside you
    Her hand resting on your leg?
    Laughing her throaty laugh? As you sweet husband shift into the fourth gear in our Mercedes.