• kavya_ravi 10w

    Self Love

    These days I tend to glance in the mirror prior to taking a shower each night.
    I gaze at my naked self.
    My glance goes through the line of my neck,
    down to my belly with my birthmarks
    Then up to my arms which hang without the stretch of any muscle.
    I'm gradually processing each wound which can or can't be seen
    Then to that point making a beeline for my face,
    to the element of my cheeks,
    directly to my eyes
    what's more, some way or another, they're so loaded with confidence.
    I'm very much aware of each flawed detail of my essence,
    But on the other hand I'm enormously and characterized in adoration with them.
    They are important for my own amazing reflection
    which shows all the things I've experienced,
    little denotes that caused me to fail to remember my worth.
    However, I see my worth now
    I see somebody worth of being heard with no disgrace or lament.
    I consider each misstep and each unthought choice in light of the fact that those were and will consistently be important for my excursion, they caused me extraordinary and made me to acknowledge I can't fail to remember or question this ever.

    Your brain is unadulterated fortune
    What's more, your character and insight is the thing that will make you remarkable.
    Try not to think about each and every sentiment
    What's more, figure out how to leave them out of sight to turn into the hero of your story.
    You may have a few questions now
    Yet, over the long haul, truly
    It won't support you
    The one in particular who will uphold you to make things not the manner in which they were but rather
    far better -
    is yourself.
    Trust this and trust you.
    Drink that espresso with joy appreciating each taste of it
    Wear that dim lipstick with the absence of uncertainity
    Make your means uproarious in those high heels
    And show those damn bends of yours in each provocative dress you chose not to wear up right up 'til today,
    Remind yourself every day
    About the way that you are not simply advantageous, you are
    As I understood this about my own self
    I additionally discovered my own bliss
    Inside myself
    Since you know
    This is our capacity
    To develop, and to blossom.