• poojailango 10w

    A letter to gandhi

    Dear mahatmaji,

    Today as i make up my mind to write a letter to you ,i am not sure if i am cent percent proud of my nation. I am not able to telll u with pride that we have made use of the gift u have given us ,(independence). No ,i wont give up on my county but I am not sure if i can defend my country's name at all times. The phrase' India after indepence' doesn't always sound proud to me. Being a young indian citizen i feel sorry in front of you , you must know that in our county
    1. The elected representatives of our democracy act like rulers and we let them. So much for'of the people ,by the people and for the people
    2. Motherhood is not an option in INDIA rather its a complusion.
    3. The definition of cleanliness prevails only to one's own house. No one bats an eyelid on dirtying the city
    4. Casteism exists at its worst and yes humanity is seen around the nation but sadly only at troubled situations
    5. Gender inequality continues to bloom and we still breath in the air where honour killing and forced marriages are regarded as our so called culture.
    You taught the county 'ahimsa' but I must say you should have also taught our nation to fight as we live in a situation where corruption crowns the democratic king. According to me, the extreme non-violence that you preached is more violent than violence in this era. So as a proud daughter of my nation ,INDIA I stand in front of you being sorry on behalf of my county!