• sonadip 5w

    Way that left

    I have walked a million miles
    Leaving u alone
    From that place when once
    You were with me beside
    Someday when the paths of the distant woods
    Merged us the same way
    Today which became a witness
    To the seperated two souls
    A time when things were too much solved for us
    Ended up to a scenario of
    Act of selfishness and misdeeds
    But love is not a thing
    To get at any cost
    Nevertheless a hope to be constructed
    At every step of life
    You have filled my heart with happiness
    Who encouraged me to walk forward
    Realising myself how precious I am
    The frst time I saw u
    I knew it was true
    But yet we r still in limbo
    Afraid of what we feel
    Time spent in the dawn of ur lap
    Became the most precious chapter
    Of my life-like book
    How I feel today is nothing more than a miracle
    God is keeping me alive
    But you are keeping me in love
    May you live happily with the ones
    You love till now
    You are always new
    The last of your kisses were the ever sweetest
    There are convulsions in me for everything
    But a simple smile
    Where you stay forever.......