• jyotirao 6w

    And then she chose to walk away
    After all her apologies were said fake
    All her care were said drama
    All her quick replies were not valued
    When in return of her love she only got betrayal and lies!

    It was difficult for her to move on
    But she remembered
    How he used to lie everytime when she used to trust him
    How he wanted her to go down for him but not himself for her
    How he wanted her to be open to him but not with her soul
    She remembered!

    His taunts, his excuses, his ignorance
    Everything was the reason that she moved away
    Not giving a damn about her feelings and saying that her feelings are like cage to him
    Whatever she wanted was just for few months in the starting
    And then everything got demolished
    His care with his love!!

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    Walked away

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