• songlessnightingale 4w

    Don't we all wish that we could remain in that bubble,
    That we subconsciously create around our lives,
    Holding us prisoner yet we are unaware,
    For we are too enraptured in our own things,
    That life becomes nothing more than a mere fantasy,
    We don't seem to care what happens beyond our bubble,
    As long as it doesn't affect us,
    Floating away in this desolate paradise,
    With bioluminescent walls,
    Yet we still can't seem to look away from the distraction that holds us captive,
    To meet those pleading eyes,
    To witnese the yearning soul,
    That dearly wishes for someone to come and end their suffering,
    So many people,
    Floating about in the bubble of their life,
    They can't seem to break away,
    And observe the dying world around them,
    A world that would be thriving,
    If we would just put away those distractions for a second,
    And find a way,
    To make it better,
    Instead of waiting,
    For someone else to come behind us,
    And do what we ourselves refused to do,
    In fear of losing ourselves,
    For we have forgotten,
    What it is to be human,
    So many people like to speak of the zombie apocalypse,
    But it isn't zombies we should fear,
    It's the immense use of technology,
    And the disconnection it builds between us,
    Someday in a faraway future,
    I see people,
    Not knowing how to communicate,
    Staring at a screen,
    Unable to survive without technology,
    For technology has taken over,
    And programmed our brains,
    Creating virtual zombies.

    @mirakee #bubble

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