• zizi_writes 9w

    'Becca-two-shoes' telling me I have nothing but my life,
    So when I die,
    What would i be leaving behind?
    What have i achieved?, what will i lose?
    My cars and mansions are getting too old in the future.
    Now, I'm thinking of my past,
    A guy I met,
    Who wanted things I never let him get.
    I was "too expensive to find".
    But I was so easy to lose.
    The issue was not meeting me at the wrong time,
    The issue was I was no good.

    Becca-two-shoes finally bought new shoes,
    She said "A pair for me and two pairs for you.
    I must be very kind and thoroughly honest with you,
    You have nothing,
    But are you not alive?,
    You have a prospect;
    So I'm happy for you".