• shoku_kajimaru 9w

    The Hate

    Why do we bleed,
    Why do we feel the need,
    To make other people's problems,
    Only seem,
    Like the biggest deal to us,
    What's this fucking scheme?
    What we need
    Is to stop planting the seed,
    Before it's too late,
    And we can't stop the hate.

    I remember,
    Back in the old days,
    We used to group together,
    Do what each other says,
    But no!
    We stand divided,
    By a tidal wave,
    Surrounded on all ways,
    Crashing down on us
    Like it's the end of our days.
    Now if we don't hurry up,
    We'll lose our ways,
    So let's face the fates
    And stop the hate!

    I'm just wondering when
    We will go back to back then,
    When everything was simple;
    "Don't cheat, don't beat,
    Never accept utter defeat,
    Treat others with respect,
    Not with neglect."
    And that's a fact!
    I'm so sick and tired
    Of these idiotic people
    Who think they feel,
    But they don't feel,
    And then they open up the gate,
    And then out comes and flows the hate!

    I swear, nothing ever changes,
    The world, it paces,
    For that chance to grow stronger,
    For that chance to go farther,
    But we people never allow it to succeed and just grow larger!
    We just wait in the darkness,
    Sitting alone and thoughtless,
    Feeling far less,
    Than we ever did and ever will,
    All heartless!
    But today is our time,
    To make it back alive,
    To make it tame,
    To tame the hate!