• enigmatic_girl 10w

    Lost in Between.

    She was raised just like a baby who was never ought to see the realities of the world.
    But, she experienced some of the harsh realities while she was growing up.
    She came up from a middle class family.
    She studied well.
    She was a diligent person.
    In midst of her academics of fifth was she really thought about her life.
    She was confused.
    She started thinking like anything about everything.
    She even started questioning her beliefs in her home.
    Members in her family started to keep a loose relation with her then.
    They lost their trust upon her for questioning nature.
    The only aim of her family was to make her study and make her apt enough to get a job and make money.
    In middle, they never asked her whether she was enjoying what she was doing or she was happy.
    Their only aim was a settled life.
    But, she wasn't like that at all.
    She was questing for happiness and contentment in her life.
    It was then she realised that she could sing well.
    And thought, why not trying that during free time.
    Since, then she started singing and realised that the Music is having the power to sooth her soul.
    She then started enjoying each and every moment of her life.
    She sang every day hoping one day, she will also become a star.
    In this life her aim wasn't to settle since it is equal to death.
    Her aim was to live a life which every other people on this Earth would yearn to live.
    Her aim was to live happily via Passion and Compassion.
    For her it was equal to Leaving a Legacy to this World.