• yours_truely 5w

    To the one he belongs to now......

    To the one he belongs to......
    Now he is yours but there was a time when he belonged to me .. or this is what I thought. okayy fine he was never mine .
    He is a pretty rainbow mixed with little thunder. Believe me he is a pure bliss to have.
    I hope you are being kind to him because he will give his everything to make you happy.
    You know he looks even more attractive when he talks about his life goals , never say those plans are trash because the mean a whole world to him. At times he misbehaves and acts crazy as in angry as if he hates you but trust me it's not like that those are just a part of his mood swings , he likes you and if he ever feels unwanted this is how that idiot reacts
    He is still a tiny kid at heart he will tease you, make you laugh till tears roll out your eyes, he will give you funny nicknames and play with your hair. And if you behave creepy he will laugh laugh nd laugh a lot his laugh will make you adore him even more.
    He gets angry very often and that's ok, but if he gets quiet all of the sudden please ask him what it is , he never told me but hope he tells you.
    He is a blessing to have and you are so lucky as you have him now. I hope you'll keep him forever if no then I'm always here because no matter what he belongs to you but my heart forever belongs to him.