• mayuriiiii 9w

    Until next time!

    I know you loved me once upon a time.
    I could see it, I could feel it and I could sense it.
    Then life happened and within a flick, you changed.
    I understand that things weren't going right with you and with us.
    But leaving hand was not something which I was expecting.
    Since now, it's been months of me over analyzing what happened, I would just simply give myself a closure that you fell out of love.
    You made me see the dreams of us getting old together, going on trips together, enjoying our weekends at home together, sticking with each other even if i had to flew away and simply staying in love till eternity.
    But, I forgot to remember that people change.
    You changed, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.
    So, I guess I'll always keep the memories of our beautiful journey inside my heart and walk towards new beginnings of life.
    I hope when you find your next love, you love her a little harder than you loved me because then, losing her would feel like losing yourself and you might make it work under toughest time.
    Until next time, my love.