• septicnewtato 9w

    It gets darker,
    The sun sets,
    Marking a day's end,
    Running out of words,
    Running out of strength,
    As the cycle happens
    all over again.

    I never thought I'd see
    the end of it,
    And perhaps it's true,
    This sadness is forever,
    Eternally stuck in these blues.

    Blue hues change,
    Seething fire of red,
    Anger, anxiety, pain,
    All etched in the name of my death.

    A smile can fix everything,
    I swear- I'm not insane,
    Am I really going crazy?
    All my efforts become in vain.

    I can't do this,
    Kill me,
    End my suffering,
    No more words,
    No more poems,
    No more pain,
    No more,
    No more,
    No more-