• iameche 5w

    The Rules.

    Never forget the rules.
    The rules of happiness.
    To be completely happy, is to emulate your iner-sense.
    Question : what do I want?
    Answer : you have to be ready to work for what you want.

    ..............I'm thinking.
    What if I said I don't care?
    Would you still be happy?
    I would be extremely happiest happy.
    True I would be ecstatic that you moved on out and left me with my drama. For sure!..........
    The rules of happiness.
    Love is the strongest force.
    Without love, belief is limited.
    "Love yourself as you love your neighbor. " This is the essence of the rules of happiness. If you can't be happy with yourself, how can you be happy with me?....

    I know.
    Lots of question marks.
    But, that's the rules of happiness.
    Questions provide answers.