• c_hongchui 10w

    Our song

    The feelings I planted nine years ago,
    It's sprouting, my love's reward.
    Over all other colors and flowers, I chose you.
    I'd choose you again,
    Your name, a glee to my heart.

    Though we are miles apart,
    You are just so near in my heart.
    Steadfast in my love for you,
    Come what may.
    I have no fears.

    I've waited very patiently.
    Winter nights long gone,
    Starry spring soothe away my ache.
    Lo! The wait is not over,
    I'll dream your love anew.

    'Wait', you say.
    Darling! I have waited nine autumns,
    I can wait another nine springs,
    If that's what it takes,
    For our love to bloom.

    May I never miss the delight of holding your warm hand.