• parasdas3 6w

    Get in a new world of your wishes...

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    Dear Diary

    Lost to the diary filled with my own scribbles,
    I realised how vague were my whims and fancies,
    that I wanted every heart to melt,
    wanted everyone to feel what I felt,
    that I desired of heaven residing on earth,
    that I desired to be perfect from the birth,
    that I wanted my every challenge to end with a gold,
    that I wanted my speed to be as fast as Bolt.
    Though I knew the reality is far behind,
    but it was something surreal in my mind.
    They were bubbles of desires,hard to burst.
    More than wishes,they were my small thirsts.
    A part of me was left in those lines
    as they fascinated my bright sevens and dark nines...