• disruption 10w

    How many quotes and poems am I going to write before I realize that even though these words, perfectly arranged, are never going to cure what's broken inside? Maybe I take comfort in others who have shared the same heartbreak as me. But the undeniable truth is that yes we are all heartbroken from some form of love and we read these quotes to feel a sense of reassurance to our wounded hearts. It's only human to feel pain and to find that experience in others almost makes your heart beat a little slower and pause in breathing because you know that feeling. That feeling is so common. Yes it hurts. Yes you have shed many tears. Yes you physically feel like your heart is caving and your chest is collapsing inward. Yes you feel like a fool. Yes you feel resentment towards it all. But yes you will fall in love again and yes you will be heartbroken many times. That feeling is temporary. Don't let it consume you. Grieve as long as you need to. Only you can overcome this, so I say this believe in yourself. Cry as much as your eyes allow, listen to the sad songs on replay until you can hear them in your head while in weary silence. Look at the texts, the calls and the photos. Think about the memories now, get it all out while the pain is still fresh. You have to clean a scratch with alcohol so yes it's going to burn like hell but it's also going to heal you. It's going to cleanse your soul of impurities. Yes you might have a scar but you will heal. They said time heals all wounds, so give it time and if you think your heart was broken so badly that there's too many pieces to put back together, then remember that you are alive and that you can overcome this feeling. Find yourself for there is so much to live for and this temporary feeling is keeping you from doing that. Look forward and move on not in weary but in a confident way because pain is common and temporary. Embrace it but learn to embrace your growth as well. A flower has to weather the storm throughout its whole life and not just as a seed for flowers have many blooms and the storms make them beautiful and you are breathtakingly beautiful, this is only one storm.