• noorderlicht 23w

    i wonder as i breathe in this thinning air,
    how you whispered into it your last words.
    i wonder what they would've been-
    the ache of your soul or the
    throbbing pain in your head;
    the fear you would've felt
    before realizing that it was the end?
    what were they?

    the moans of goodbye and the broken hearts
    prayed a moment for you to open those eyes
    and see the world more bright.
    i wonder if it was the end of suffering
    or a last hope in your heart to live a bit more.
    but, then slammed the door.
    your vision broke
    or did you see things clearer than before?
    what was it?

    i wonder as i breathe in this frozen air
    if my lungs are absorbing what you never said.
    i wonder if i know you're talking to me
    or thinking about what you could've been
    had you got a little while longer;
    the girl who measured life and death
    and chose the latter. live here in me
    and i shall breathe for you
    in a hope that each breath i take
    could maybe; just maybe put life into you.