• ourlifeinaverse 6w


    People will show you their true colors when you allow yourself to see each color.
    Without the blindfolds without the excuses I finally see you.
    I made accommodations for you
    I repeatedly, lost sleep over the thought of interacting with you
    I've shared most of the biggest moments in my life with either strangers or chosen family.
    You've showed me I am not your priority so many times that I've lost count.
    I am now 27 and each time the knife it's been impelled and twisted a little farther.
    I'm done hurting, I'm done walking this earth wounded with my bruised soul.
    I'll never cease reaching to dissconnect the blade left behind.
    The idea of you no longer being here one day terrifies me.
    The regret of not trying enough, the guilt.
    I can't anymore
    I've given you open opportunities to be there, and you spit on them everytime, at the times it meant the most.
    I'll forgive you one day it's going to take time but I know it will be long before you ever forgive me.