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    Everything is hurting....
    Everything sucks...

    That day she told me
    My love will be colourful
    And I'll paint your canvas with the most beautiful colours
    A modern art,will be our love
    Yet her lips trembled while saying "I love you"
    Was she having something else in her mind?

    I remember her hearing that song in loop
    "I'll never love again" by Lady Gaga
    She often said
    Life is a cacophony,it is chaotic,it is messy
    But sometimes it's worth hearing!
    Was her life messy because of me?

    At 2 a.m. she sat in my balcony
    Stargazing. She asked me
    "Do you know why I love nights?"
    I had no answer
    She replied, "Because that's when the cacophonous sound is clearer to me"
    "Because that's when I feel like confessing"
    What did she want to confess?

    On a cold winterday, she told me
    "PAIN is like a virus and I am the host who has given a permanent home to it"
    "I hate love she said!"
    That day, I could see her eyes drowning in the pain.
    I could see fear rather than love in her eyes

    I wish, I could have realised
    She feared love
    She feared that she would lose me
    All she wished was those silly fights to continue
    A history so horrible she had,
    She wanted a perfect present with me
    She forgot about the future,she forgot love.
    She didn't want to accept that she had already fallen

    How she feared loneliness,how she lost her life
    Death lay its icy hands on her
    That day, when she finally confessed her fear
    She flew away from her own cage of thoughts
    She was finally free from her own mighty murderous misunderstandings!

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