• muchamshiu 10w


    Everyday is a blessing
    But I seldom think about that
    Life goes on,adding new day
    hitting every angles
    when I meet with adversaries
    I realised there is God
    who would assist me break that.

    Finally back to normal
    Life so free and wild
    Without a single thought of any problems.
    But something is missing
    I took God for granted
    He forgive every sin
    Blessed me with more than I deserve
    Feeling that I got everything by myself
    But NOT...

    Everyday is a blessing
    Trying to makes something
    out of this beautiful day.
    No regret for yesterday
    But willing to tackle everything
    Through God's help.
    Create every single day
    the effective one.
    At last, suming up those effective days
    I'll fulfilled and witness
    What my purpose actually was