• sweta2516 10w

    To Love,

    The moment I saw you there were spark in my eyes,
    My body trembled with the shake of romance,
    My lips uttered the mystic affection to dazzle you.

    These things made me realise the power of love,
    It made me realise that love has the potential of positivity,
    And I could feel you in each part of my mind and soul,
    My heart beats faster in an instant when I behold you,

    The germ of love has been injected not only into my heart but also into my spirit,
    Each and every second in a day I breathe craving for your caress,
    I miss you as you have penetrated deep into the core of my bosom,

    It may be ecstasy to want you beside me always,
    But,this love will stick your soul with my soul,
    I swear you my love that I will grow older with you,
    I swear to be in your good and bad times,
    I will adore you on my lap down my chest,
    I will fondle you on my shoulders until you fall asleep with a contentment on your darling and chubby mug,

    I want to spend each moment holding your hands till my last breath,
    I want to stay with you fighting,loving and cuddling you forever my love,
    I love you to the moon and back......

    -Sweta Panigrahy